Residents call for consultation on plans for 60-seat licensed café and coffee roastery on Little Grocer corner

We all know Grey Lynners love a good coffee, but just how many cafes do we really need? The new owners of 311 Richmond Road, Grey Lynn, have put in a resource consent application to Auckland Council to develop a 60-seat licensed café and coffee roastery on the site currently occupied by The Little Grocer. The site is zoned Residential 1, single dwelling, (this status is retained under the Unitary plan), and is surrounded by family homes.

A cottage-industry style "corner store" or diary has served the community from the front few rooms of the residential villa on the site for nearly 100 years. Most recently, the lovely Alia of The Little Grocer has continued this tradition on a scale that is loved by locals in the area. 

We struggle to see how a 60-seat café could safely operate on the site, which is on the dangerous intersection of Richmond Road, Kingsley Street and Peel Street. It could also set a precedent for “commercial creep” into other residential areas of Richmond Road, if granted. Needless to say, local residents are concerned and have called for community consultation before any decision is made by Council.

Ponsonby News has provided some great background on this issue here or here. For more info, keep an eye on this website or contact

Good on you Grey Lynn!

Grey Lynn Residents Association Formed

At the meeting on Thursday 18th April it was agreed to form a community resident body that allows Grey Lynn to collectively deal with issues of community concern.  

Submissions by members are currently being made to select the Grey Lynn Residents Association committee.

The Grey Lynn Residents Association could promote the retention and enhancement of the area's unique spirit and character. It could engage in community projects. It could pretty much be anything you want it to be. Once the GLRA is up and running, you'll be able to join and put as much or as little into it as you wish, including suggestions of what the Association should cover. 

The primary issue of concern is the re-zoning of Grey Lynn, proposed in the Auckland Unitary Plan which must be responded to by 31 May 2013. We must act now.

The Auckland Unitary Plan proposes to re-zone many residential streets of Grey Lynn for mixed housing (i.e. subdividing), terraced housing and apartment building developments. You can find out more information, including a detailed and searchable map outlining the re-zoning plans and how they affect you here.

Please sign up to stay in touch or join the association to participate and have your say.

This is your family and friends' community - make sure you have your say about its future.

To stay in touch with whats going on in your community: Click here to sign up for membership, or to stay in touch via email. Alternatively connect on Facebook.