Auckland  Council’s planned sweeping reforms of the sale of alcohol via off- and on-licence premises  are contained in its Draft Local Alcohol Policy. This will have an impact on Grey Lynn and right across the city. It reduces the hours during which bottle stores and supermarkets can sell alcohol and also the opening and closing hours of cafes, restaurants and bars. It also initially freezes, and later will restrict, the opening of new off-licence premises.

You may be annoyed that the Gypsy Tea Room now can’t stay open quite as late or you may be delighted that bottle stores will have to cease trading at 10pm … but whatever you think it’s important to have your say and make a submission. It’s easy. Go online and fill out the template submission form here, or go into more detail in a crafted submission of your own. Hurry! Submissions close on July 16 2014.


GLRA Committee Elections

Grey Lynn - The date, time and location of the second AGM of the GLRA is about to be announced.  

On the agenda is the election of new committee members due to the rotation of 4 committee members. Contact Grey Lynn Residents Association if you are keen to stand for election or otherwise put your name forward as an appointed committee member.  

Public service is the tax we pay for our place in our community.  Here is your chance to serve the most liveable suburb in the most liveable city in Aotearoa.  Get involved!